Landscape Crew Leader

R&S Landscaping

R&S Landscaping

27 Greenwood Ave , Midland Park , NJ - 07432-1717

Amy Punyon

Job Description


·  Valid driver’s license in good standing

·  Ability to communicate with clients in English

·  Ability to motivate and work efficiently with small crews

·  An excellent attendance and tardiness record.

·  Possesses strong leadership skills



  • Inspect route sheet and work orders daily for any additions, deletions, changes in service, or client requests

-  address any concerns from the prior day’s work or ask any questions to Assistant Maintenance Division Manager or that day’s work schedule

  • Prepare, load, and secure all necessary equipment
  • Perform a thorough pre-trip inspection of truck and trailer prior to leaving the yard

-  report any issues to Assistant Maintenance Division Manager

-  fill out checklist on route sheet

  • Drive truck and trailer to and from all sites in a safe manner
  • Accurately fill out start and stop times at all sites throughout the day

-  truck stops at property and is turned off = record START time

-  equipment is loaded and truck is started = record STOP time

  • Assign all tasks to crewmen at each individual site to complete jobs within the given time frame

-  tasks will include who will be cutting, trimming, edging, weeding, and blowing the property

  • Do a final walk through of each and every property to ensure property is left in a professional and quality condition.
    • All gates are closed and all hard surfaces blown off.
    • Return all client property to original positions. Property quality is YOUR responsibility
  • Clean off all equipment at last property of the day before it is loaded onto the trailer
  • Place finished route sheets and work orders in designated areas for them to be entered on a daily basis

-  route sheets and work order attached to clipboards are to go in clipboard holder just inside the maintenance office

  • Fuel all equipment at the end of the day
  • Report customers comments and complaints immediately to Assistant Maintenance Division Manager.
  • Report all damaged or broken tools, equipment, or customer property to the Assistant Maintenance Division Manager.
  • Participate in snow removal in the winter season.

Sales/Customer Service

  • Speak with customers when on site to determine any of their needs

-  answer questions

-  solve any issues or concerns

-  make suggestions for additional work

  • Ensure customer satisfaction
  • Resolve and/or route any customer complaints and enter into log book
  • Record any comments or questions, as well as site notes and submit to Assistant Maintenance Division Manager at the end of the day