Tree Trimmer / Arborist

Grasshoppers Landscape Services

Grasshoppers Landscape Services

5735 Young Pine Rd , Orlando , FL - 32829

Peter Walker

Job Description

  • Trims and/or removes trees by climbing with the aid of a ladder, safety belt, climbing line, powered trimmer lift truck, or works from the ground using gasoline, air, and hand-powered saws, pruner, etc. Ability to cut branches or trunk sections and drop or lower them to the ground with lines.

  • 3-5 years industry experience in residential tree care with the ability to train/direct crew members in all facets of tree care.

  • Uses chain saws in felling trees or trimmed trunks and in cutting logs into manageable pieces.

  • Extensive experience in safe operation of all tree care equipment to include equipment chainsaws, pole saws, chippers, lifts, trucks, and hand tools.
  • Experience in managing crew personnel as to work performance and safety.
  • Ensure crew members wear all safety equipment at all times and that safety practices and measures are followed.
  • Knowledge of Florida native and introduced tree and shrub species and characteristics of each species.
  • Knowledge of proper pruning practices including large shade trees and ornamentals.
  • Knowledge of chain saw safety and operation.
  • Adept in bucket truck operation.
  • Quality workmanship, quality control with customer care attitude.
  • Confirm that all maintenance checks and services on equipment are followed.
  • CDL license preferred.